December 2nd & 3rd, 2023

[THE ROAD RACE TOKYO TAMA2023] Race Prospects!

THE ROAD RACE TOKYO TAMA2023 on 3 December, with men’s and women’s road racing and men’s and women’s para-cycling. Here is a preview of the prospects.

The elite men’s race will feature continental, industrial and student teams competing at the highest level in Japan and on the UCI Asia Tour. The women’s elite races are individual entries, but all have a number of riders who have competed in national and international races.

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The men’s race is 72.6km long and the women’s race is 49.8km long, starting at Fuji Forest Park (Hachioji City), with the men’s race taking a large circuit around Hachioji City, then up and down the Tama Hills before finishing at Musashino Forest Park on Stadium Road (starting point for the Tokyo 2020 Games).
The women’s race has almost the same course layout as the men’s race, but instead of circling Hachioji, they will run an up and down course in the Tama Hills, then cross the Tama River in one go and run a flat section in Fuchu before finishing at Musashino no Mori Koen Koen Stadium Dori (the start of the Tokyo 2020 Games). Both are rare one-way races in urban areas in Japan.

エリートレース 男子・女子コースマップ

エリートレース 男子・女子コースマップ

パラサイクリングレース 男子・女子 コースマップ

Para cycling race, men and women course map

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Starting from Fujimori Park in the suburbs of Hachioji City, the route includes many routes that cyclists enjoy on a daily basis, and a route that is familiar to local enthusiasts has been chosen as the course for this road race. Although there are no long climbs or mountain passes, the race is expected to be aggressive with a course full of hills, ups and downs and changes in gradient. From the middle of the race, the course becomes more varied, with a layout of climbs with corners and climbs that will be the battlegrounds. You can expect some fierce attacks here. The final part of the course descends quickly from the Tama Hills and becomes flat after crossing the Tama River. The race will be exciting, with lots of cornering as the riders pass through the city.
The proton (group of riders) and convoy (convoy of cars) will race through this familiar Tokyo landscape.

Para cycling races are Class B and Tandem time trials.

National teams from different countries have been selected to take part in the Para cycling race. The course will be a special one, taking in the three cities of Fuchu, Mitaka and Chofu. The race will start at Ajinomoto Stadium Aji Pen Square and finish at Stadium Street in front of Musashino no Mori Park. The men’s race is 23.7 km and the women’s race is 17.6 km, and will be a contest of speed on a flat course with no long climbs. Watch the two tandem cyclists, Pilot and Stalker, as they ride in perfect unison.

Women’s Road Race 9:00 am Start (Fuji Forest Park – in front of Musashino Forest Park, Stadium Road)
Men’s Road Race 9:10 am Start (Fuji Forest Park – in front of Musashino Forest Park, Stadium Road)
Para-Cycling Race – Men 8:00 am Start (Ajinomoto Stadium, Aji Pen Square – Musashino no Mori Koen mae Stadium Dori)
Para-Cycling Race Women 8:55 am Start (Ajinomoto Stadium, Aji Pen Square – Musashino no Mori Koen mae Stadium Dori)

Live coverage will be available on J SPORTS2/J SPORTS On Demand. Members can watch for free.
URL here (J SPORTS On Demand) Broadcast time : 7:45am 3 Dec 2023 – 1:15pm 3 Dec 2023

We invite you to watch and experience the excitement of a road cycling race in the heart of Tokyo.

Click here for the race guide (race guide with information on how to enjoy the race, precautions, course map, etc.)