December 2nd & 3rd, 2023

[Guided Short Race] Group riding is fun!

The Guided Short Race is an event designed to provide an experience of group riding that may not have been available before. Guides, represented by support riders, will lead participants at a consistent pace tailored to their level, creating a group riding experience similar to road racing. It’s an opportunity to experience speeds that may be challenging to maintain alone on a safe course.

Please do enjoy the speed and exhilaration it brings. Watching professional road racing videos, one can’t help but be captivated by the beautiful formation of the peloton (group of riders). The athletes take turns leading at the front to take on the wind and aim for the finish.

By taking turns against the wind resistance, they can achieve speeds and cover long distances that would be impossible for an individual. This is the best part of sports cycling. In the Guided Short Race, experienced guides act as windbreakers, allowing participants to experience the joy of group riding.

Please apply for the class that matches your level of experience and leg strength from the following options. The entry fee is 3,000yen.

  • Novice Class
    For those who have never participated in races or events like hill climbs or enduros, even if they own a sports bike (Approximately 28 to 33 km/h).
  • Beginner Class
    For those who have participated in races or events like hill climbs or enduros a few times and want to improve their skills (Approximately 33 to 40 km/h).
  • Experience Racers
    For those who have participated in multiple races or events like hill climbs or enduros and want to acquire advanced riding skills (Approximately 38 to 45 km/h).

Group riding, where athletes take turns against wind resistance with each other, allows them to save energy and cover long distances quickly. It’s indeed the foundation and best part of road riding.


  • This race format is led by support riders, ensuring safety until the final lap, where participants compete.
  • The race duration: 20 minutes (Reference: If riding at an average speed of 37 km/h, it will be 12 laps).
  • Two groups, each consisting of 35 riders, start simultaneously in one start.
  • The groups are divided into the home and back stretches of the course and start from the starting points positioned opposite each other on the stadium loop course.
  • If you fall significantly behind the group led by support riders or encounter issues preventing you from continuing the race, please follow the instructions of the mobile judges.
  • In case of equipment troubles or feeling unwell during the race, please communicate with the mobile judges and follow their instructions.

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