December 2nd & 3rd, 2023

Elite Road Race (men and women) and Para-Cycling Time Trial (men and women) reports

Naoki Kojima (Team Bridgestone Cycling) won the elite men’s race solo and Kasuga Watabe (Meiji University) won the elite women’s race in a sprint finish under sunny skies with a large crowd along the roadside.

Road Race – Elite Men

The elite men’s race took place over a 72.6km course from Fujimori Park in Hachioji City to Musashino no Mori Park and Stadium Road in Chofu City. The first half of the course was a combination of the 1964 and 2020 ‘Tokyo Olympics’ courses.

At 9.10am, as the sky was blue and the sun began to warm the riders, 111 riders from 26 teams, including Japan’s top teams and university students, set off.

However, in the middle of the stage near Tama City, reigning All-Japan road race champion Daiki Yamamoto (JCL TEAM UKYO) and Naoki Kojima (Team Bridgestone Cycling) broke away to take a 20-second lead over the field.

However, Yamamoto crashed in the final stages of the race. Kojima took the lead alone and crossed the line three seconds ahead of the chasing pack to take the win.

GRAND CYCLE TOKYO Executive Committee

KOJIMA said: “I’m very happy because I didn’t think I could get away, I thought I could go if it was just the two of us, but after Yamamoto fell off the bike it was tough on my own. The support from the roadside gave me strength.



Winner: Naoki KOJIMA (Team Bridgestone Cycling)
2nd: Hayato Okamoto (AISAN Racing Team)
3rd: Ken Sato (AISAN Racing Team)

Fighting Spirit Award: Daiki Yamamoto (JCL TEAM UKYO)

Local Award: Naoki KOJIMA (Team Bridgestone Cycling)

Road Race – Elite Women

The elite women’s race was held on a 49.8km course with the same start and finish as the men’s race, but without the early laps set for the men’s course, with 23 riders starting.

As the race progressed, the number of riders in the break was reduced and by the Koremasa Bridge the lead group was down to seven riders. In the end, Haruka Watabe (Meiji University) won the sprint to the line.

Winner: Haruka Watabe (Meiji University)
2nd: Miki Uetake (Y’sRoad)
3rd: Akari Kobayashi (Yowamushi Pedal Cycling Team)

Fighting spirit award: Umitaka Uetake (Y’sRoad)

Para cycling tandem time trial

In Para Cycling, where Japanese success was expected, the world’s best male and female athletes competed in a time trial for visually impaired athletes. The two riders ride together.

The course is a circuit between the Ajinomoto Stadium and the adjacent Musashino no Mori Park. The course is on public roads in the city, which is rare for Para cycling races in Japan.

The men’s race, in which six pairs competed, was contested over four laps of a 24.4km course, with the Polish National team (KOPICZ,Karol [stoker] and BIAŁOBŁOCKI,Marcin [pilot]) winning with a time almost four minutes faster than the next team. The pairing of  Kazuhei Kimura and Kiaki Miura, the only Japanese representatives in both the men’s and women’s events, did well to finish second.

The women’s race was contested over three laps of an 18.3km course and featured three teams. Again the Polish National team (PUTYRA,Dominika [Stalker] / WÓJCIKIEWICZ,Kamila [Pilot]) won by more than two minutes over the second placed pair.

1st: KOPICZ,Karol [Stalker] / BIAŁOBŁOCKI,Marcin [Pilot] (Poland National Team)
2nd: /Kazuhei Kimura [Stalker] / Kiaki Miura[Pilot] (Japan National Team)
3rd: PHUPHAP,Somrak[Stalker] / HACHATURAT,Surachai [Pilot] (Thailand National Team)

1st: PUTYRA,Dominika [Stalker] / WÓJCIKIEWICZ,Kamila [Pilot] (Poland National Team)
2nd: /LEE,Seongsoon [Stalker] / BAEK, Sun Young[Pilot] (REPUBLIC OF KOREA National Team)
3rd: BOONMALERT,Watcharobon[Stalker] / SAETENG,Oatchara [Pilot] (Thailand National Team)