December 2nd & 3rd, 2023

About categories of Challenge Races in Aji Sta

The Challenge Race in Aji Sta offers 3 main programs that are open to general cyclists.

  1. Cycle School (Capacity: 200 participants)
  2. Guided Short Race (Capacity: 210 participants)
  3. 80-Minute Cycle Marathon (Capacity: 140 groups)

Here are the details for the 3 categories.

  1. Cycle School
    The classes are set up with themes such as the proper riding technique for sports bikes and cycling techniques, and they are lectured by professional athletes and instructors. The recruitment classes are as follows.Recruitment Classes
    1: Novice Class
    For those who have never participated in races or events like hill climbs or enduros, even if they own a road bike.
    2: Beginner Class
    For those who have participated in races or events like hill climbs or enduros a few times and want to improve their skills.
    3: Experience Racers
    For those who have participated in multiple races or events like hill climbs or enduros and want to acquire advanced riding skills.

    All Classes:
    Bike Check, Helmet CheckThe following activities will be conducted according to the class level:
    Basic brake and shift operation, Solo emergency braking, Following distance drill, Parallel space awareness drill, Multiple emergency braking, U-turn cornering, Group cornering

    An important video will be updated before the event, so please watch it.

  2. Guided Short Races
    This is a small-group race where support riders lead until the final lap to ensure safety. Only on the final lap, participants compete against each other. It provides the thrill of group riding at speeds that individuals cannot achieve on their own.
  3. 80-Minute Cycle Marathon
    This is an endurance race where teams of 2 to 5 members compete to complete as many laps as possible within 80 minutes.
    The lap count concludes at the 80-minute mark.
    Each team member is obligated to complete at least one lap (if one player completes all laps, the team will be disqualified).
    However, as a special rule for the event to enhance safety, sprinting at the finish line is prohibited.
    Therefore, competitors on the same lap will be considered tied, and the top 3 will be eligible for awards. This offers many teams a chance to place.

Accepting entries.
Enter from here!
The entry period is until September 10th at 23:59. In case of a high number of applicants, there will be a lottery.