December 2nd & 3rd, 2023

[Rules] Experience group running! How to run a guided short race

The Guided Short Race is an original content of the Challenge Race in Ajista.
Support riders tow the riders to the final lap for safety. The riders only compete in the final lap.


The theme of this content is to experience group riding. The speed is controlled by a guide who tows the lead rider with wind pressure until the end of the race. Participants can safely experience group riding by following the guide. On the last lap, the guide leaves the front of the group to allow participants to enjoy the final sprint to the finish. Participants can enjoy the exhilaration of the race.

・The course differs from the 80-minute cycle marathon in that it is a flat lap of approximately 900m with no corners.

Course map

・The race is scheduled to last approximately 20 minutes <Note 1>. The number of laps remaining will be determined during the race and displayed at the finish line (as a guide, the rider will need to average 37km/h to complete 15 laps).

・The two groups will start at the same time from two opposite points in the stadium and the two groups will wear different number colours, but be careful not to start and finish in the wrong places. Be aware that if you fall behind the group, you may be caught up. If you fall behind, don’t be in a hurry and wait for the group to pass you on the inside of the track. As a general rule, keep to the left.

・The guide will leave the lead on the last lap but will stay with the group. Don’t worry, he will continue to follow you! <Note 2>

・The course is a straight run to the finish, so be aware of your surroundings.
Be careful not to look back when you are going fast, as this may interfere with your handling. When overtaking or being overtaken by a rider, do not rush but keep a straight line along the course. When overtaking a slower rider, start from the left (keep to the left).

・Some riders may still be riding after the finish, so keep your line straight. Follow the instructions of the staff to exit the course.

<Note 1>
The 20 minute ride time is approximate. For the first two laps you will ride at a slower pace to familiarise yourself with the course. The guide will then gradually increase the pace.

<Note 2>
A guide on a bicycle or a mobile referee on a motorcycle will watch the race.

If you get more than a certain distance from the guide leading the race and it is deemed difficult to rejoin the group, you will be asked to stop riding. If instructed to do so by the guide or mobile referee, you will be asked to leave the course from the designated area.


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A cycle school will be held to teach basic riding techniques such as ‘straight riding’, ‘turning’ and ‘stopping’. This will take place before the guided short race.
If you attend the Cycle School followed by the Guided Short Race, you will be able to use what you have learned in the Cycle School immediately, so please consider attending.


To register for the Cycle School, go to